Among Us MenuCheat (2020.12.9s)

You can download a new cheat for the popular online game Among Us MenuCheat from our website. A great hack with convenient functionality and excellent management of the hack right during the game. There are all the well-known features that allow you to dominate the game and make your friends nervous.

At the moment, the cheat works without a ban and supports the current version of the game (2020.12.9s)

Normal (AmongUsMenu.dll)
Inject it with any injector you have. T

Xinput (xinput1_3.dll)
Will automatically be loaded by the Game itself if the dll is in the game directory.

Default Hotkeys
Show Menu - DELETE
Show Radar - INSERT
Show Console - HOME
Repair Sabotage - END

The news has been edited:12-12-2020, 08:55
Reason: update for among us version 2020.12.9s

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    AppleBoy Offline 6 December 2020 00:54
    nice hack 😍