SazInjector - injector for all games

I want to present you a brand new SazInjector injector for DLL cheats, which does not burn with anti-cheat and therefore can be safely used in any game. Including SazInjector does not burn VAC anti-cheat. Many hackers used this injector in CSGO and TF2 and didn't get banned. Therefore, I can safely recommend it for use both in CS:GO and in other games, because this is a new software and it has not yet been detected.

1. Run "SazInjector".
2. Click on the "Check for update" button to update the injector to the latest version.
3. Select the type of injection (Manual is recommended).
4. Select the process for the injection.
5. Click on the "Add" button and select the. dll file.
6. Click the "Inject" button.
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    Evan0115 Offline 2 February 2021 04:45
    dll ??? what that