Genshin Impact Cheat - Advance speedhack, NO CD, No enemy attack

You can download a new free cheat for the popular online game Genshin Impact from our website. Good functionality and quick setup of each function. All functions are controlled using the cheatengine program. For example there are functions such as: Advance speedhack, NO CD, No enemy attack, teloport. The developer is going to add more relevant features in the future for which you will not get banned. We recommend using ByPass to avoid getting a game lock.

How to bypass with CE
1. Rename cheatengine-x86_64.exe to csrss.exe (C:\Program Files\Cheat Engine 7.1)
2. Open up csrss.exe with admin
3. Insert Genshin Impact CE Bypass table
4. Attach to winlogon.exe
5. If you have your Cheat engine installed in C: then just click "Active" (otherwise change the directory in the script)
6. New window should pop up with cheat engine, now you're done.

1. Do all the bypass step before using anything
2. Insert the speedhack table
3. Change the value in between 1-5
Max 5
Min 1 - Normal speed
Recomended 3

1. Do all the bypass step before using anything
2. Add the NO CD table
3. switch between characters if it cant read adress
4. Change value to 0

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