melancholy - Aimbot / ESP for Team Fortress 2

New hack for Team Fortress 2 - melancholy, from the developer of cheats Sonixz. This time, he has prepared for us a fully working cheat for the game TF 2, which you can easily use on any server. The author warns us that in any case, there is no 100% protection from the ban and it can be obtained for using this cheat, because it is intended for aggressive HVH games, so that other players do not feel sweet. For the cheat to work, you will need an injector.

Aimbot - automatic targeting of the enemy;
ESP- which circles players in a compact square, the outline itself is easy 
Visuals - this includes various graphics tweaks, such as disabling flash drives and smoke, and you can also disable some graphics options to improve performance, which is useful for older computers;
Misc - this category includes various settings, such as auto-drift and springing, automatic switching to the gun, and much more

How to run a cheat:
1. Disable antivirus
2. Download cheat from the
3. Run the game
4. Run injector as administrator
5. Select the HL2 process.exe
6. Inject cheat
7. Press insert for menu
8. Have fun
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    jl238539 Offline 14 December 2020 16:49
    whats the password for the winrar