Immortal - VALORANT Cheat (Color Based)

A new cheat for Valorant, which has only the most necessary features for an inconspicuous game. With their help, you will be able to reach the last level of the game and compete with the best players.

Triggerbot - the function is very similar to aimbot, but with one big difference. If aim immediately shoots itself at the enemy, while Trigger only points at the enemy and the player shoots himself. Such a move significantly increases the chances of not getting burned, first, it is the delay before the shot, which depends on the person. Secondly, there is no shaking of the sight, which is very often the case in aim.
Bunnyhop - This is a technique that allows Valorant to move with the help of jumps, so to speak in a jump. The speed with a good bhop is higher than when running.
Autopistol - A function in which pistols will fire a clip at a single press, and not as usual for one cartridge.
Autoshop - The cheat automatically pauses when it can shoot to reduce the spread and a higher chance of hitting.
If you want to open "Draw Radius", change the game window mode to "Windowed FullScreen”

1. Disable antivirus and windows defender
2. Download Cheat
3. Run Valorant Full Screen in the Window Mode
4. Run cheat as Administrator

In order not to get banned, use the cheat for a maximum of 24 hours after the update.

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    Shiroe Offline 28 December 2020 07:05
    key mega ????
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      Fender Offline 28 December 2020 23:32
      Re-uploaded the file. Download it again