Valorant - Script - HK Coloraimbot, Triggerbot, NoRecoil

I want to present you a very good Valorant cheat, or rather it is a script, but it has the functions of a real hack. Thanks to this, you can still not be afraid of a ban, because the amendments to the privacy of Riot Games have not yet been made. With this script you can play on official servers Valorant and achieve the maximum rating.

Use F1 to close and get out of cheat
Use F2 to activate Triggerbot and Aimbot
Use F3 to activate NoRecoil for Aimbot + Standalone
Use F4 to disable NoRecoil for Aimbot + Standalone (buggy
Use F5 to enable NoRecoil Standalone (disables Aimbot)
Use F6 to disable standalone NoRecoil

I want to remind you, to run the script, you need to download the free program AutoHotKey, through it you choose the script that you downloaded from our site and play.

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